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Self watering pot White Joy250 5 inch

Self watering pot joy 250 white are new types of pots that hold water below the plant will ensure the plant gets enough water for a longer period of time.

Single hook plant pot White

Single hook plant pot Specification: Virgin plastic material Hook type Oval shape 6 inch length 4.5 width and 5 inch height Hang/Indoor plant pot Long life usage

Table top square Pot for indoor plants

Table top square Pot Specification: Virgin plastic material UV protected Square shaped table top pot 3 inch width and 3 inch height Indoor plant pot Long life usage

Hanging Single Hook Pot Set of 4 Red

Hanging Single Hook Pot is a modern house decor piece that can be hung in any place like window, balcony, doors, gates or walls. The design is sleek and attractive which itself gives a good look to the place.