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Flower Gardening Kit

Flower Gardening Kit Flower plants will serve the home a colorful ambience without any artificial decoration. We provide a combination of Flower seeds with basic pot mix items to fulfill the Flower garden requirements.

Garden Fertilizer kit combo

Garden Fertilizer kit is Organic Fertilizer combo of 12 Products. This kit will provide sufficient nutrients to all kind of plants. 100% organic and eco-friendly product.

Garden Hand tool set

Gardening with bare hands is hard and time consuming. We need garden tools and equipment to reduce the effort. Garden tools and planting tools will ease the work and save more time. 

Garden Tool kit with Sprayer

Garden Tool kit tools will ease our weeding and cultivating works. Also we need sprayer and watering can that will ease the watering and pest control process.

Plant Kit for Terrace vegetable garden

Plant Kit will provide Daily use vegetable and Decorative flowers combination will balance the diet and beauty in the house. Vegetables like tomato, ladies finger, spinach, brinjal, chilli are added in this list to have a complete meal everyday.

Terrace garden kit for Beginners

NativeIndian Organics presents a Terrace garden kit for Beginners with a combination of necessary items needed to grow a basic vegetables for kitchen.

Vegetable seeds Combo Pack of 9

Vegetable seeds Combo are having high rate of germination and better yielding. We list here very basic and easy to grow vegetable seeds for quick benefits around 3o to 45 days.