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Organic fertilizers are a great option for gardeners and farmers who want to grow healthy, sustainable crops while reducing their environmental impact. Our organic fertilizers are available in various forms, including powders, and liquid concentrates. Fertilizers are made from natural ingredients like animal manure, compost, and plant matter. In our online store, we provide top-notch chemical-free fertilizer in India at an affordable price.

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Bone meal Organic Phosphorus 500g

Bone meal Organic Phosphorus is a phosphorus rich organic fertilizer processed from leftover bones of animals and fish. It has a good amount of phosphorus, calcium and other elements. Bone meal boosts the flowering and the growth of the plant.

Native Vermicompost 2 Kg

Native Vermicompost is a fertilizer derived from the earthworm. It is an enriched form of compost. It contains good amount of nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other micro nutrients. Vermi compost is a cpmplete meal for the plant.

Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer 5 KG

Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer 5 KG

Neem Cake powder Soil Care 2KG

Neem Cake powder Soil Care is used to control the nemotodes infection in the soil. It also prevents the plants from insect, bacteria and many harming soil based insects.

Pseudomonas Bio control agent 1Kg

Pseudomonas is a bio control agent biofertilizer that prevents the roots from the fungi, bacterial diseases and produces the nutrients and trace elements that promote the plant growth.

Amino Zyme Fish amino acid plant growth 250ml

Amino Zyme Fish amino acid fertilizer is a naturally derived Fish amino acid that is from fish waste fermentation. It improves the microbial activity and improves the flowering in plants. Properties:
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Improves soil nutrients
  • Promotes growth of roots and leaves
  • 100% organic

Neem Shield Neem oil Plant care 250ml

Neem Shield Neem oil Plant care is an organic pest controller that is 1500PPM concentration and water soluble. It acts as a pesticide, fungicide and miticide. Neemshield is the best product to control pests in an organic practice. 

Azospirillum Biofertilizer Nitrogen Fix 1Kg

Azospirillum lipoferum is a Nitrogen fixating Biofertilizer that converts the nitrogen into ammonium which can be easily observed by the plants.
  1. Nitrogen fixing biofertilizer
  2. Biological growth promoter
  3. Environmental friendly
  4. Organic Fertilizer

Sea Special Seaweed Extract 250ml

Sea Special Seaweed Extract is a SeaWeed Extract that is an excellent plant growth regulator derived from Seaweed. It helps to improve plant growth. The number of buds will increase gradually in plants.

Neem Cake powder 500G

Neem cake powder is used to control the nemotodes infection in the soil. It also prevents the plants from insect, bacteria and many harming miroorganisms.

Sea Special Seaweed Extract 500ml

Sea Special Seaweed Extract is a plant growth booster and it protects the crop from pests and diseases. It contains growth boosting substances like cytokinins, auxins and other hormonal substances. The number of buds will increase gradually in plants. It improves the yield.

Humic Power Humic acid Fertilizer 250ml

Humic Power Humic acid Fertilizer is a concentrated organic Humic acid. Humic Acid is a best plant Growth booster used in farming practices. It contains 12% Humic acid and 3% Fulvic acid.

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  • Increase the crop yield by 30%-40%
  • Boost the soil biologically and stimulate plant growth by nutrient acqusition
  • Protection against some soil borne diseases and restore natural soil fertility

Organic fertilizers used for vegetable gardens or farms are Vermicompost, trichoderma, organic manure, seaweed, etc. These are 100% organic fertilizers.

Native Indian Organics is the growing company known for providing agriculture products that help farmers to keep their crop protected. We focus on bringing you the best quality and our committed efforts have gained us the reputation among the top fertilizers suppliers in online India. We are here to meet your demands. We have trustworthy quality and cost-effective natural Fertilizers.

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