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Are you ready to bring your home garden to life with a burst of color and fragrance? Native Indian Organics offers high-quality flower seeds online in India at a low price! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, our carefully selected collection of flower seeds will inspire you to create a vibrant and beautiful garden that will envy your neighborhood. Don’t wait any longer to start your flower garden! Purchase our premium flower seeds online today and let the beauty and fragrance of nature fill your home garden and heart.  Explore the captivating array of our flower seeds in different colors, shapes, and fragrances available, allowing you to customize your garden to your unique taste.

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Lotus Seeds

Technical specifications:
Seed Name Lotus
Organic/Hybrid Organic 
Pollination Open pollinated
Germination Rate 80%
No. of Seeds 20+

Sun Flower Seeds

Sun Flower is an ornamental flowering plant that produces vibrant yellow colors. The seeds germination rate is above 80%. The harvest will start from 90 days of planting.

Lavender flower seeds

  • Number of Lavender flower Plant Seeds - 50+
  • Germination rate - Above 80%

Marigold Flower Seeds Yellow

Specifications of Marigold F2 Yellow seeds:
  • Color - Yellow
  • Sowing temperature - 25-30* c
  • Plant Height -  45 cm
  • Flower size - Upto 15 cm
  • Germination rate - 80 -95%

Zinnia Liliput Mixed Flower seeds

Specifications of Zinnia Liliput Flower:
  • Number of Seeds - 100
  • Common Name - Zinnia
  • Botanical Name - Zinnia elegans
  • Plant Height - Upto 4 Feet
  • Flower color - Mixed

African Marigold Flower seeds Orange

African Marigold Flower seeds are organically produced seeds that are open pollinated and untreated. The seeds germination rate is above 80%. The flowering will start from 40 days of planting.

Petunia Flower Seeds Mix

Petunia Flower Seeds Specifications:
Seed Name Petunia Flower Seeds Mix
Temperature 65°F to 85°F (18°C to 29°C)
Pollination Open-pollinated
Germination Rate 80%
No. of Seeds 100+

Chrysanthemum Carinatum Flower seeds Mix

Seed Name Chrysanthemum Mix
Organic/Hybrid          -
Pollination Open pollinated
Germination Rate 80%
No. of Seeds 100+

Gomphrena Globosa Flower Seeds Mix

  • Mixed color
  • The sowing temperature is 20-30* c
  • Plant Height 30 cm
  • Flower size 2-5 cm
  • 80% germination rate
  • Seed quantity 100 seeds

Calendula double fiesta gitana mix

Calendula double fiesta Gitana mix  Specifications:
  1. Mixed color
  2. Sowing temperature is 20-30* c
  3. Plant Height 45 cm
  4. Flower size 10-12 cms
  5. 80% germination rate

Golden shower Tree seeds (kondrai)

Golden Shower Tree is an indian variety and organically produced. It is used in home, office, park and public places for its flowering. The seeds are native variety and has good germination rate.

Cosmos flower and sensation flower seeds

Cosmos flowers and sensation flowers seeds Mixed is an ornamental flower that comes with white and pink shades. The seed's germination rate is above 80%. The harvest will start within 90 days of planting.

Blossom Your Garden with Beauty – Buy Flower Seeds Online in India

Native Indian Organics is the best place to shop flower seeds online India and we are engaged in supplying 100% organic flowering seeds for home gardeners and small scale producers with 99% purity and seed germination above 80%. 

Gardening in the city is easy because you can buy every type of flowering seeds for planting in our online store. Our premium flower seed online collections offer a stunning array of options to suit every season. From the delicate blooms of winter to the vibrant blossoms of summer, we have curated a selection that will elevate your gardening experience, include sunflowerlotus seeds, white chrysanthemum seeds, zinnia scarlet flame, zinnia Lilliput, Vinca flower seeds, petunia flower seeds, pansy swiss gaint flower seeds, etc.

Finding flower seeds for sale, including natural flower seeds, allows you to create a vibrant and eco-friendly garden. Check out and germinate your flower seeds with our pots or grow bags online at a most competitive price. We can promise you that there is no greater experience than watching your plant grows from a seed. 

Purchasing flower seeds online in India provides the convenience of browsing and selecting seeds from the comfort of your home. You can explore various options, read detailed descriptions, and compare prices before making a purchase.

Ordered seeds can be directly deliverd at your doorstep and provide easy payment options like GPay, RuPay, UPI, Master Card, and Razor Pay and we pride ourselves on providing friendly and quick customer support. Sow flowering plant seeds in your home and watch them grow to their full potential.

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Benefits Of Sowing Flower Seeds

Cost-effective: Planting flowers from seeds can be more cost-effective than buying fully grown plants or seedlings.

Variety: Sowing flower seeds allows you to choose from a vast range of flower types, colors, and sizes, giving you the ability to create a diverse and visually appealing garden.

Personal satisfaction: Sowing flower plant seeds are a rewarding experience, as it allows you to witness the growth and development of the plant from its earliest stages.

Healthier plants: Starting from a seed ensures that the plant is healthier and stronger, as it has not undergone the stresses of transport or repotting.

Longevity: Flower plant seed in online can provide long-lasting beauty to your garden, with some flowers blooming for several years, making it a great investment for any gardener.

Eco-friendly: Sowing flower seed is environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals that can damage the environment.

Flexibility: Sowing flower seed allows you to control the timing of the planting, giving you more flexibility in your gardening schedule.

Best Online Flower Seed Store for Indian Home Gardeners

We have many types of flower seeds available, including annuals, perennials, biennials, and wildflowers. Some common examples include marigolds, petunias, sunflowers, and zinnias.
Consider the climate and soil conditions of your area, as well as the amount of sunlight and water available in the location where you plan to plant the flowers. Additionally, consider the colors and sizes of the flowers to ensure they fit well with your overall garden design.
These three elements—light, water, and soil—are necessary for plant development. Each of these three participates in photosynthesis.
Planting flower seeds typically involves preparing the soil by removing weeds and loosening the dirt, then digging small holes or trenches to place the seeds in. After planting, cover the seeds with soil and water gently.

You can buy flower seeds online from us because we offer wide range of flower seeds at an affordable price.

If you have any questions or issues with your order, we offer 24/7  customer support providing details about your order, including the order number and any specific concerns you may have. 

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Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Flowering Plants:

Simple Steps to Prevent Flower Seeds from Getting Wet

Begin by selecting a suitable storage container for your floral seeds. Opt for airtight containers or resealable plastic bags to prevent moisture from reaching the seeds. This step is particularly important when you've invested in high-quality flower seeds online in India.

Silica gel packets are excellent moisture absorbers. These packets are often included when you purchase our organic flower seeds online, but you can also acquire them separately.

Store your flower seeds in a cool, dark place to minimize the risk of condensation. Avoid areas prone to temperature fluctuations, such as near windows or heaters.

For long-term storage, particularly if you have a surplus of flower seeds, consider refrigerating them. Place the sealed container or resealable bags in the refrigerator to create a consistently cool and low-humidity environment.