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Bone meal Organic Phosphorus 500g

Bone meal Organic Phosphorus is a phosphorus rich organic fertilizer processed from leftover bones of animals and fish. It has a good amount of phosphorus, calcium and other elements. Bone meal boosts the flowering and the growth of the plant.

Native Vermicompost 2 Kg

Native Vermicompost is a fertilizer derived from the earthworm. It is an enriched form of compost. It contains good amount of nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other micro nutrients. Vermi compost is a cpmplete meal for the plant.

Sea Special Seaweed Extract 500ml

Sea Special Seaweed Extract is a plant growth booster and it protects the crop from pests and diseases. It contains growth boosting substances like cytokinins, auxins and other hormonal substances. The number of buds will increase gradually in plants. It improves the yield.

Neem Cake powder 500G

Neem cake powder is used to control the nemotodes infection in the soil. It also prevents the plants from insect, bacteria and many harming miroorganisms.

Humic Power Humic acid 500ml

Humic Power Humic acid is a best plant Growth booster used in farming practices. It contains 12% Humic acid and 3% Fulvic acid. Best for flowering and improvement of yield.

Amino Zyme Fish amino acid 500ml

Amino Zyme Fish amino acid is derived from fish waste fermentation. It improves the microbial activity and improves the flowering in plants.

VAM Power Bio fertilizer 1kg

VAM Power Bio fertilizer converts the insoluble nutrients into soluble/digestable form to the plants. It enhances the uptake of phosphorus, Zinc, sulphur and other trace elements.