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Neem Cake powder 500G

Neem cake powder is used to control the nemotodes infection in the soil. It also prevents the plants from insect, bacteria and many harming miroorganisms.

Trichoderma Viride Bio fungicide 500g

Trichoderma Viride Bio fungicide is used for soil and seed treatment. It will suppress the various pathogens and protect the seed or plant from the diseases. Properties of Trichoderma Viride Bio fungicide:
  • Controls the diseases caused by the pathogens
  • Increase the rate of seed germination
  • Best bio control agent

Neem Shield Neem oil 1500 PPM 500ml

Neem Shield Neem oil 1500 PPM contains Azadirachtin which is a organic insectide and fungicide. It will control thrips, whitefly, aphids, mealybugs etc., Neem Shield Neem oil 1500 PPM Properties: Controls pests like aphids, white fly, spider mites, fleas and many other pests Controls fungal diseases in plants Protects plants from disease spreading mites.