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Coco peat is also known ad coir pith, coir fibre pith is made from coconut husks. Searching for coco peat wholesalers nearby Coimbatore? NativeIndian Organics is the well known suppliers of coco peat in Coimbatore Online at very reasonable cost. We provide coco peat blocks with 100% natural components and we wholesale coco peats for 5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg bags, etc., Our coconut coir are made from the best quality of pith which is washed, treated and defibred and is used for rasing seedlings and growing plants.

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Cocopeat Block 5KG set of 2 (9-10kg)

Cocopeat Block 5KG is a Plant growing medium used in Home gardening and Terrace gardening. It is easy to handle and has better aeration than the soil. Cocopeat Block 5KG is used for seed germination in seed trays.

Coco peat Block 4-5KG set of 1

Coco Peat is a Plant growing medium used in Home gardening and Terrace gardening. It is easy to handle and has better aeration than the soil. Cocopeat is used for seed germination in seed trays.

Get Coco Peat Block in Coimbatore & Make your Garden Healthier

  • NativeIndian Organics is the best place to shop coconut coir peat block with exclusive offers. Our cocopeat block is 100% organic and without any mud & soil or additives. We are the best supplier of coir growing medium/coco peat block for Agri-horticulture & home terrace gardening needs in Coimbatore at an affordable price.
  • We also suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers of solid coco peat block in Coimbatore offering coco peat for 15kg bags or as per your requirement we provide customized coco peat clay at a reasonable price. Cocopeat block Keeps nutrients and moisture close to plant roots.
  • Buy our environment friendly coco peat for wholesale in Coimbatore at low price. Our coconut coir is made up of coconut fiber and it is one of the plant growing media or organic growing medium in the world and you can also use coco peat for seed germination. We are also a top-leading coco peat shop in Coimbatore and coco peat are made with inner fibres of coconut and light weight.
  • Are you looking for organic cocopeat block shop in Coimbatore for healthy plants? Order now! We supply chemical free coco peat block near your locations at a better price with free and fast home delivery over ₹700.

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Native Indian Organics offer helpful, friendly service supplying 100% organic coconut coir brick to upgrade your garden with healthy plants. We guarantee  for supplying high quality coco peat block in Coimbatore and we also sell organic seeds for your home garden, lawn or terrace at best price. If you are in Coimbatore and searching for "Coco peat dealers near me"  then we are the premium providers of coir growing medium / coco peat block. We also supply 5kg blocks, 650gm Coco Peat Blocks or customized coco peat blocks in our online organic store Coimbatore. You can find  our coco peat block  supplying store near Coimbatore whether you are from Rathinapuri, Kovaiputhur, Saravanapatti, Pollachi, Ganapathy, Ramanathapuram, Race course, R.S.Puram or anywhere across Coimbatore or Tamil Nadu.

Advantages of Using Coco Peat Block
  • It is light, convenient & reusable.
  • Improved oxygenation qualities for stronger root growth.
  • Possesses moisture retention and is entirely organic.
  • Slow disintegration is necessary for long-term advantages.
  • Bacteria & fungal resistant.