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Bitter Gourd பாகற்காய் Vegetable Seeds

Bitter gourd is very much known for its nutritional values. It is an open pollinated, native variety of india (Tamilnadu).

Brinjal Violet கத்தரி Vegetable Seeds

Brinjal is a widely used vegetable in south indian cuisine. It is an open pollinated and non-hybrid variety. The color

Carrot கேரட் Seeds

Carrot is a favourite vegetable for many people due to its sweetness and taste. The seeds we provide are naturally

Cauliflower காலிஃபிளவர் Seeds

Cauliflower is rich in fibre and vitamin- B. Cauliflower is one of the vegetables used in snack items. Harvesting time

Chilli- Long மிளகாய் Seeds

Chilli Long is used in dishes for Spice. We use Chilli in many dishes in our home to prepare the

Cucumber வெள்ளரி Organic Seeds

Cucumber plant is a creeper type that grows well on a net or lifted stick beds. It is a juicy

Gongura (Pulicha keerai) (புளிச்சக்கீரை) Seeds

Gongura is widely cooked greens in South Indian cuisine. It has many culinary and medicinal uses. This comes in two

Hollyhock seeds mix double dwarf seeds

Hollyhock double dwarf seeds Specifications:
  1. Hollyhock double dwarf Quality seeds
  2. Sowing temperature is 20-30* c
  3. Plant Height 45 cm
  4. Flower size 10-12 cms
  5. 80% germination rate

Lotus (Thamarai) (தாமரை) seeds

Lotus is an aquatic perennial. Lotus is famous for the big petals and the color. It roots in the soil

Mint Herb seeds

Mint Herb seeds Technical specifications:
Seed Name Mint
Organic/Hybrid Hybrid
Pollination Open pollinated
Germination Rate 80%
No. of Seeds 100+

Native breed Tomato நாட்டு தக்காளி Seeds

Tomato is easy to grow plant that needs very minimum care. We use tomato in many dishes in our home

Open pollinated African Marigold F2 Yellow

African Marigold F2 Yellow is much liked variety by many gardeners due to its need for the praying practices in