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Planters and Medium

Generally Plants are grown in lands as a agricultural practice. Many of us are not having the access to the land or ground area due to the urbanisation and fast growing economy. We always wanted to be in touch with the nature to relax our mind and release the stress from our mind. Some are interested in growing their own vegetables and other plants to have the fresh and chemical free foods and fruits. After Pandemic many of us had more time to spend in our own house which triggered our inner joy in cultivating a plant and experience the agricultural practices at home.

The house we live in are mostly has concrete or tiles floor to have the clean environment. Some houses have the backyard to have some plants. Some houses have frontyard to elevate the appearence by growing ornamental plants. However we need a medium to grow a plant which is not in contact with the land and have the facility to move around whenever needed. Thats where the growing medium like grow bags and pots take place. Lets explore what are the things used to grow a plant

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1 . Grow Bags

Grow bags are widely used growing medium to grow any kind of plants like vegatable plants, fruit plants, spinach, medicinal plants and ornamental plants. The main reason to select this grow bag is the cost o the product. It is in two types. One is Poly bags and another one is HDPE bags. Poly bags are very cheap and lite weight. HDPE grow bags are cheaper than ceramic and concrete pots and has long life around four to seven years.

Plant The Sapling in Crop bags
One tattooed Woman is planting fruit seeds in a flower pot
One tattooed Woman is planting fruit seeds

2. Pots

Pots are traditionally used to grow plants. It is made of many materials like Plastic, Resin, Concrete, Metal and ceramic. Plastic and Ceramic pots are majorly used materials where plastic is cheaper than other materials and lite weight. On other hand Ceramic pots come in different shape and design also it has classic touch since it is

3. Fabric Bag

Fabric grow bags are currently used by many home gardeners since many people want to use a product which is not harmful to the environment. Other things like Poly bags and plastic pots are made of plastic components that leads to environment hazard if we throw away once it is used. That made many to consider a grow medium other than plastic. Fabric bag has one good quality is that a plant root can breath all around where the material is made of fabric material

Vegetable growing in black grow bag or home gardening in grow bags concept

4.Homemade medium

some people use their leftover house hold items like paint buckets, broken plastic bucket and water bottles. Any material or things can be used to grow a plant as long as it serves the purpose.

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